Cleaning can be a real chore, so why not make it easier by adding electric mops to your arsenal? These handy tools come with a wide range of different features, all focused on helping make your time cleaning easier and more enjoyable. While they require a bit more of an up front investment than a standard mop, electric mops help you avoid the tedium of this routine chore. Stop ringing out the fabric, using your elbow grease to clean, and refilling that bucket every fifty square feet. Electric mops provide a simpler approach to keeping your floors shiny and looking like new without all the effort of manual mopping and waxing.So, electic mops are floor cleaner machine that helps to clean any type of floor easily.

Why You Need An Electric Mop

No matter where you live, what season it is, or type of floor you have, it is bound to get dirty. You don’t want to spend your precious time scouring your surfaces to remove grime and dust. Electric mops cut through the noise and simplify the cleaning process. Instead of scrubbing with elbow grease, you get to use the force of modern innovation in the form of steam. The textiles on the cleaning surface add more value through safe yet strong abrasive capabilities. Save your floor over the long term with these handy cleaning tools that have some key values including:

  • Save time cleaning with steam features
  • Clean with less effort with strong scrubbers
  • Portable and lightweight to reduce effort
  • Help the environment by not wasting water
  • Improves the overall quality of your mopping

If your home has a hardwood, laminate, or tile floor, you absolutely need an electric mop to make cleaning quicker, easier, and more enjoyable.

Different Types of Electric Mops

In addition to the different types of electric mops, there are different modes of operation within each set. This impacts everything from the quality of the mop’s cleaning ability to the speed of operation. Some important things to consider are whether you will be using chemicals to assist the cleaning process. If you are using a cleaning solvent, then there is less need for scrubbing or spinning. Perhaps you prefer to simply use water to clean your surfaces, in which case, a steamer is a wiser direction.

Keep in mind the type of surface you plan to mop. Hardwood tends to be sensitive to chemicals whereas laminate and tile are more easily scratched. Finding the proper mode of operation is key to identifying your perfect electric mop. The different operation types include:

Electric Spin Mop

This unique approach to electric mop cleaning uses two spinning sides that rotate in a circular motion. The spinning heads attach to two seperate motors which generally move counter clockwise to one another. If you have dirt that sticks to your tile or laminate surface, this is a great direction to take. It limits the amount of physical force you have to put into mopping and lets you focus on the difficult to reach areas. For best results, make sure that you can remove the heads and toss them into your washing machine, thereby allowing a clean piece of material for all your mopping endeavors. Of course, nothing is without its drawbacks. Since the spinning heads do most of the cleaning, it leaves about an inch at the front of the mop which doesn’t get as clean. This means that where your wall meets the floor does not get as much cleaning attention.

Electric ​​Steam ​Mop

Ideal for all types of floors, the electric steam mop heats up water and spritzes it in the form of steam onto the surface. You then push the mop over the area to easily lift stains. A crowd favorite, this helps your floors look shiny and new (without having to apply wax). Given that it works well on everything from laminate to hardwood, it is a safe approach to mopping all floors. On the other hand, the steam quality varies based on brand. It requires you to constantly refill the container and leave time for the water to heat up. Some models distribute the steam more evenly than others, meaning it is best to check the item’s quality before choosing your mop.

Rotary ​Electric ​Mop

Similar to the spin mop, a rotary option uses only one head to spin. Usually, the surface is removable so that you can wash it in your machine between uses. Depending on the fabric used, it is a great choice for floors as it limits the abrasion on your surfaces. That said, the single spinner limits the amount of force on the floor. Unless it is in conjunction with a steam mop feature, it is prone to leaving streaks on the floor and may require a different approach for finishing. These models are great choices for easy cleaning jobs. If you have more dust than dirt and want to keep your floors in tip top shape, the rotary choice is ideal.

Electric ​Scrubbing ​Mop

​These mops use textile innovations over the benefits of steam and chemicals. With scrubbers that are based in microfibers, this is a good direction for high quality hardwood floors that run the risk of damage due to scratching. As fabric science moves forward, electric scrubbing models are a good choice to remove dirt without using excessive force. Keep in mind that, when the electric scrubbing mop does use a motor, it adds force to the cleaning action. This is great in terms of reducing the amount of effort you must apply, though does add risk of damage to your wood floorboards

Plug-in ​Electric ​Mops

This type of mop plugs into your wall with various different lengths of cord. It has some key benefits such as never having to worry about running low on batteries. These mops last as long as they remain plugged in meaning if you have a large area to clean, they are a great choice. On the other hand, since there is a cord to think in mind, your mopping area only stretches as long as the cord itself. Though mopping is fairly methodical, if you have to duck behind doors and walls, the cord can get in the way. Since the cord drags on the ground, it can also do some small scale damage to your work. It depends on your priorities. If you seek full power for a long period of time, these are a great direction.

Wireless/​Cordless ​Electric ​Mops

​Cordless electric mops are crowd favorites, so long as you choose a high quality option that has lasting battery power. If you select an option with a rechargeable battery, you also avoid the ongoing cost of replacing your batteries altogether. The key benefits are seen in mobility and easy storage. You don’t have to worry about looping a cord together nicely when you take out and put away the mop. Also, the cordless features allow you to move around easily without a cord tracking on your already mopped surfaces. That said, batteries run low and this puts a time limit on how long you can spend mopping.

Benefits of Electric Mop Technology

While using power to do your cleaning may not sound eco-forward, it actually does a lot to save the environment. These tools reduce your need for harmful chemicals, allowing you to instead use the strength of steam to lift stains. Additionally, instead of changing out the mop water in your bucket upwards of three times per cleaning session, electric mops keep your attention on the actual cleaning process. They improve your speed and overall efficiency all while making it easier to keep your floors tidy and shiny.

​Applications / Uses of Electric Mop

These highly effective cleaning tools have applications on all surfaces. By choosing the right mop for your floor type, you can ensure the safety and longevity of your surfaces. Each type of material has different requirements from cleaning products, so the first step in finding the right tool is identifying your surfaces’ unique needs. Types of floors include:

Electric Mop for Wood Floors

There is a key difference between softwood and hardwood floors. Softwood is similar to harder counterparts, though is inherently more vulnerable to both scratching and chemicals. Hardwood includes products from oak, walnut, maple, and other famously strong trees. Softwoods are items taken from cedar, pine, and fir trees, as well as other thinner arbor sources. Generally, softwood is a composite material made from portions of these materials. This is covered with a lacquer that adds shine and gives a good finish. Because it is a composite, there is less of an inherent grain direction to consider.

To clean these floors well, ideally you would choose a rotary electric mop so that you limit force and provide abrasion that doesn’t compromise the sheen on top of the floor. Avoid using chemicals, if possible, since they can permeate the surface and cause permanent damage to the surface. If these cleaning materials are absolutely necessary, use them in moderation and focus instead on the electric capabilities of your mopping tool.

Electric Mop for ​​​Ha​rdwood ​​Floors

Possibly the most sturdy floors available, they are also the most valuable. This is all the more reason to ensure that you keep them in prime condition. One of the best ways to do this is to stick with the grain. That means that a spinning mop or rotary model may not be ideal choices. The circular action is always moving against the natural grain of the wood itself. This provides wear and tear on a molecular level which will wear down the surface over time.

 Avoid this by choosing something that focuses either on the steam or the textile on your mop. With a steam model, you can use the power of hot, gaseous water to lift stains before gently wiping them away. When possible, keep your movements in the same direction as the wood itself. The textile approach refers to the electric scrubbing mops which use microfiber technology to preserve wood quality while getting your floor clean

Electric Mop for ​Laminate Floors

Laminate is technically a byproduct of flax, meaning that it is an organic material. Due to this, it is necessary to show added consideration when you apply chemicals. In order to achieve the best type of clean for these surfaces, you are wise to choose a steam cleaner or rotary option.

Spinning electric mops give you the chance to really scrub the floor without adding any kind of wear and tear. Because there is no grain to consider, it is easy to use the electric force to lift stains and get that ideal clean. However, since there are usually ridges and subtle flaws to the surface, steam cleaning is all but essential to get a fully clean floor.

Electric Mop for ​Tile Floors

Composed of individual pieces, tile is some of the lowest maintenance surfaces to clean. It works well with just about every type of mop, meaning it can stand up to the force of a rotary cleaner, works well with a steam cleaner, and holds up to all fibers in the mop head. Keep in mind that there is grout in between your tiles, so for best results, combine the steam features with a spinning mop head. The hot water lifts stains while the rotary power pushes them up and wipes them away seamlessly. This leaves you with a floor that shines like new.

Electric Mop for ​Vinyl Floors

A great advantage to vinyl is the long strips in which it comes. This means that there is little room for dirt to slip between the cracks and stay in the floor causing unpleasant effects like mold and mildew. Instead, you can easily lift up grime with the power of steam and push this out of the way (and onto the mop). If your floor faces some challenging spills like those from kids or pets, choose a rotating mop head to force the dirt out of the floor. Since vinyl is an artificial material, it is much less vulnerable to scratching caused by quick motion and harsh textiles.

Electric Mop for Concrete Floors

Whether you are cleaning a hall or a basement, concrete can be a tricky surface to clean. It’s porous material absorbs water, so steam doesn’t provide sufficient lifting force for the grime. To get a concrete surface clean properly, employ the benefits of high-quality microfiber mop heads. It gets in between the dips on the surface so that you can push the dirt along the top without it getting ingrained into the stone. Use the advantages of the electric scrubbing to limit the amount of physical force you actually have to apply while mopping.

Wet ​Electric​ Mops

The wet feature on the electric mop allows you to spray your surfaces before running the mop on top of them. Often, this works in conjunction with steam features that life dirt and grime. The added projectile of cleaning fluid lets you focus the cleaning on a difficult stain while still using the steam to seamlessly wipe away the dirt and dust. Most electric mops come with a wet feature, and it is available both on cordless and wired electric mops. You can use the container for either cleaner or just water, depending on how sturdy the stain is and your comfort levels.

​Electric Mop : Buying Guide

You’ve looked at your floors and seen the stains. You pulled out your analog mop and wiped it down yet, much to your dismay, the stains remain. So, you decided to opt for next-gen technology and purchase your very first electric mop. Congratulations - you are now on your way to shining floors and easier chores. That said, to have the best experience with your unit, there are a few things to consider. For this reason, we break down all the factors in this handy electric mop buying guide. Read on to discover all the essential purchasing information on these helpful cleaning tools.

Where To Buy An Electric Mop

​In this modern era, there are usually three different go-to solutions for buying your electric mop or any cleaning / household items.

  • ​Specialty Store: You can wander down to your local brick and mortar shop that specializes in cleaning units. There will be salespeople to help you with the process though, more often than not, you have to pay a significant markup (not to mention handling pressuring sales reps)
  • ​Big Box Store: Another option is to head to a major store like Home Depot or Amazon. Generally, there will be a decent selection of electric mops and cleaning options. On the other hand, you still have to pay a markup to account for the store’s overheads - not to mention that you still need to truck the mop home. And this is the best option to buy your mop. Because, as they are third party, they ensure after sale support and customer satisfaction rather than anyone else.
  • ​Online Retailer: Usually, people prefer this method of shopping. You get the widest selection of units and avoid paying hefty prices due to in-store overheads (and the product gets delivered right to your door). The only downside is that you have to really look into your options and consider all factors.

Buying Considerations:

So, now you are perusing the internet for electric mop models and need to know what to keep an eye out for. It’s pretty straightforward, with the main factors being:

1.Mop’s Features

All mops will have some different features that set them apart from the rest. Choose those which appeal to you the most from:

Pad Type:

The cloth that touches your floor ranges from microfiber scrubbers to polyester, natural cotton, to fine plastic abrasive materials. Check out the pad’s density to get the best results and make sure it is an absorbent material. A popular feature is a machine washable pad so that you can just toss it into the washing machine after your mopping session is done. Of course, make sure it isn’t cotton to avoid shrinking in the dryer.

Electric Rotation

Some mops feature rotating heads that do a lot of the work for you. If you have either vinyl, tile, or laminate floors, this is a great choice. Conversely, hardwood can scratch from the abrasion when you move the mop back and forth.

Wired or Cordless

​Do you have a small room to mop? If so, a wired option will prove sufficient and avoid the cord doubling back over your work. If you are handling a larger area, shoot for a battery-powered option so that you can recharge it between uses

Receptacle ​Size

Almost all electric mops feature a steaming component. Take a look at how much room there is to add water into the unit. Since you have to mop until it’s empty, the receptacle size should directly reflect your floor’s surface area.

2.User Reviews:

​Nowadays, it is easier than ever to suss out the reliability of your mopping unit. Especially with reputable online merchants, those who try out the product have a chance to offer feedback. Skim through the customer comments to make sure you are getting a reputable electric mop that has proven its worth on the market. Some electric tools also offer a guarantee or warranty. While it helps to take these with a grain of salt and always read the fine print, it does tell you that the manufacturer is confident in the quality of the product.


Is the mop heavy? Is it easy to store in the space you have? The functionality of the unit plays into everything from how easy it is to refill the water tank to simplicity of replacing the pads. It involves everything from the trigger’s placement on the handle to the leverage it gives you when moving the unit back and forth on your floors. Keep these things in mind while knowing that your mopping needs are unique to you. If there is an electric mop that calls out to you in terms of design, chances are you will have the best results when doing your cleaning.

​4.Type of Floors:

​A really important consideration (also unique to your situation) is what type of floors you have in the home. Certain floorboards respond better to steam, such as those made from artificial materials like tile and vinyl, whereas hard and softwood can see damage to the veneer. Other, softer floor materials can get scratched by abrasive pads, especially if you press down too hard. One of the best ways to avoid pitfalls is by choosing options that have interchangeable pads and selective steam usage. This way, you can avoid damage to the different types of floors in your house (without having to spring for multiple mops).

Final Notes On Electric Mops

All things considered, electric mops have significant value for all types of flooring. The best mop for your needs is a matter of what kind of floor you need to clean and personal preferences. If you don’t want to trip over a cord, choose a wireless option to promote ease of motion. If you prioritize the cleaning quality, look for a high powered option that includes as many features as possible. Ensure that your model shows a proven track record of success on the market and has a minimum amount of moving components. Typically, your electric mop should last for years; so, as long as you select a good option and take care of the tool, you have a long term cleaning solution for your floors.

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