Since it is such an attractive material, many choose laminate flooring for their homes. It is not only easy to install, in most cases it looks like real wood. Instead of making a hefty investment into hardwood, this gives you the wood appearance for a fraction of the cost. Thanks to the fact that it is relatively low maintenance, it is pretty easy to clean. Especially if you use an electric mop for laminate floors, you can keep it in prime condition for years.

Notable Features of Laminate Floors

Laminate is a synthetic material designed to mimic the appearance of actual wood itself. Coming in planks that are the same size as wood units, it is a great deal lighter than organic counterparts. Basically, a series of polymer and fiberboard layers are fused together in the lamination process. While the fiberboard is composed of wood products, the grains on the planks come from processing. During the finishing process, a thin resin is used to coat the surface. This provides your floorboards with a clear sheen that gives your surfaces a crisp, shiny appearance.

Details on Electric Mops

With tonnes of different features, electric mops are as diverse as they are useful. Some of the key draws that attract consumers are:

Motorized scrubbing

Using an electric spinner, some mops use electricity to do the scouring work on your behalf. It removes grime seamlessly and applies even force so you won’t scratch the surface.

Steam Cleaning

​With a handy water receptacle that is easy to fill, the mop heats water and turns it to steam. You then spray this vapor on the floor and it lifts stains and grime with ease.

Lightweight Design

Most home-use electric mops are easy to transport. Some even have ergonomic triggers and handles. This makes it easy for folks of all ages to maneuver the cleaning unit.

Compact Storage

These items fit into just about any storage compartment. Even if you have limited closet space, your electric mop can be tucked away in a corner for future use.

Replaceable ​Pads

There are a couple of options when it comes to scrubbers. Some are machine washable and let you use them repeatedly. Others wear down sooner and can be switched out quickly. Coming with different materials, you can choose from polyester, cotton, and microfiber.

Different ​Power ​Options

​Some electric mops are wired and plug right into your wall sockets. Others run on battery power which, in most cases, can be easily recharged.

Common Problems of Cleaning Laminate Flooring

Laminate is fairly easy to clean, even if you are new to the material. Even though you don’t have to go with the grain like with actual wood, there are still some issues with mopping these floors. Some major headaches include:

  • Sensitivity to water: When water gets underneath the resin, it can damage the material itself. Worse yet, if the moisture gets beneath the panels themselves, it can cause mold and mildew. If your laminate floor has an excess of moisture inside it, you will notice flaws like bubbling. Water damage between the floorboards can dislodge them from the proper place and lead to peaking. Thankfully, with electric mops, you don’t need a tonne of water and a tippy mop bucket. The steam does all the work so you can avoid the risk of moisture-related problems.
  • Vulnerability to scratching: Even though it is sturdy, you can still scratch the surface of the laminate. This increases your risk of water damage, since the resin can no longer protect the interior. With an electric mop, you get the benefits of evenly dispersed force so you don’t risk gouging the surface during scrubbing. It avoids the risk of impact damage while cleaning so all you have to do is not drag your furniture.
  • Issues with fading: Especially when faced with chemicals, laminate often fades. Of course, time impacts everything. Electric mops, however, let you slow down these effects. By using steam and motorized scrubbing instead of cleaners, you get to reduce the chance of discoloration. This preserves the quality of your floor over the long term.
  • Uneven cleaning results: Since laminate isn’t an inherently smooth surface, it is easy to get clean areas in some spots and flaws in others. Electric mops give you that extra edge needed to even this out. The machine applies consistent force so you get thorough results across the whole surface.
  • How To Use Your Electric Mop to Clean Laminate Floors

    It is really straightforward to use your electric mop to clean laminate flooring. All you have to do is:

    1. Sweep dust and debris off the floor
    2. Fill up the water container on your mop
    3. Plug in the cord (or engage the battery)
    4. Let the water heat up to become steam
    5. Approach mopping the laminate section by section
    6. Spray the steam then push the mop in a smooth motion
    7. If you have powered scrubbers, use them evenly
    8. When you encounter a troublesome stain use extra steam
    9. Use consistent motions forward and back
    10. Mop until the water tank is depleted
    11. Once complete, let the floor dry thoroughly
    12. Power down your mop and remove the pads
    13. Pop the electric mop into storage for next time
    14. Stand back and marvel at your newly clean floor

    Key Benefits of Using Electric Mops to Clean Laminate Floors

    In addition to how easy your chores become, there are tonnes of great reasons to use electric mops to clean vinyl floors. Major advantages include:

    • Quicker chores: Since these models use the power of electricity, the work goes much faster than with traditional mops.
    • Less elbow grease: You won’t have to scrub, the steam and pads do the work for you instead.
    • Consistent results: Machines don’t get tired. Since laminate requires frequent cleaning, electric mops ensure your laminate always shines.
    • Less risk of damage: Limit your laminate’s chances of discoloration and prevent scratches and water damage by using the steam cleaning features.
    • Environmentally friendly: Instead of wasting water in bucket form, electric mops are really efficient. Get a clean laminate floor while being eco-friendly.
    • Fewer chemicals: Avoid damage to the laminate surface and stop breathing in toxins by reaching for steam cleaning instead of chemical cleaners.
    • Preserve your laminate: Because they apply even force when scrubbing, your laminate will thrive over the long term.

    Some Final Thoughts

    Now that you know the advantages of using an electric mop for laminate floors, you are probably ready to get started. When you use it regularly, your floors will be in optimal condition. Provided you take good care of the electric mop, it is sure to serve you (and your laminate floors) for a long time.

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