Some of the most common floors in homes and apartments are made of tile. This handy textile that comes in countless different styles is both economical and attractive. Nonetheless, these common floors can be really challenging to maintain. Lighter colors tend to show any dirt and debris, whereas darker shades are vulnerable to stains and discoloration. Easily the best way to clean tile floors is with an electric mop. It enables you to get a high-quality clean that limits the risk to your tile’s quality and appearance.

Key Features of Electric Mops For Tile Floor

With tonnes of benefits (especially when considered against traditional mops), the electric mop is an amazing tool for tile floors. Users benefit from a wide range of helpful features including:

Wired or cordless models

Allowing you to use good old electric current to run your unit, electric mops come with different power sources. Some operate with a wire that connects to your wall’s outlet. Other options feature a battery pack which, in most cases, is rechargeable. Either case encourages easy operations and good durability for the mop itself.

Replaceable ​Scrubbers

Instead of wringing out your mop head by hand, electric mops come with removeable scrubbers. Once you wear them down, just change out the pads for new ones. Lots of models have pads that you can simply chuck in the washing machine and dryer for prolonged use. Even with this method, however, it’s good to change pads once in a while.

Multiple Cleaning Options:

Since there are so many different kinds of pads, you are sure to find one that suits tile floors. Avoid the risk of scratching your floor (even minor marks are permanent) and opt for a fabric that is friendly to tile surfaces.

Scrubbing ​Power

Save yourself the elbow grease that goes into scouring your tile surface. Using motors, electric mops clean the surface for you. Most move in a circular motion whereas some go back and forth in small motions. This saves you the time and energy needed to get rid of grime.

Steam Cleaning Features

In lieu of chemical cleaners, tonnes of households opt for the power of water. Electric mops use steam to lift grime from your surfaces and prevent your tile from getting stained from bleaching agents.

Simple ​Maintenance

These tools are really easy to clean and store. Designed to last for the long-term, electric mop maintenance is as easy as letting it dry and keeping it in a safe place between uses.

Common Issues Cleaning Tile Floors

Even though these floors are a favorite in western households, they aren’t without struggles. Particularly when cleaning, these floors are vulnerable to lots of damage like:

  • Scratches: If you use an abrasive surface (brillo pads, for example) to clean tile, your floor will develop scratch marks. Unfortunately, once the floor is scratched, the damage is permanent. Instead of excessive scrubbing to get rid of grime, opt for an electric steam mop.
  • Stains: Bleach and ammonia can discolor your tiles. On dark surfaces, this is even more apparent. Even with light colored tile, some tiles will be lighter than others. Instead of running the risk, use the handy scrubbing features of electric mops.
  • Mildew: When water gets under tiles, the floorboards mildew. This decays over time and does irreparable damage to your floor. Since steam evaporates quickly, electric mops help with this. They let you avoid excessive mop water and keep your tiles shiny.
  • How To Use An Electric Mop To Clean Tile Floors

    It’s really simple to use an electric mop to clean tile floors. Just follow these straightforward steps:

    1. Fill mop’s receptacle to the top with water
    2. Plug in the cord (or turn on the battery)
    3. Wait until the water heats thoroughly
    4. Making gentle, back and forth motions, mop the floor
    5. Use even strokes and only engage the scrubbers overtop grime
    6. Once complete, let both the mop and the tile dry
    7. Place your mop in storage for the next use

    It really is that simple. Instead of hauling mop buckets and dealing with perpetually semi-clean surfaces, just use your electric mop. You will be surprised at how much better your floors look.

    Benefits Of Using Electric Mops To Clean Tile Floors

    There are countless advantages of using electric mops when cleaning tile floors. Tile surfaces are vulnerable to all sorts of damage from scratching to staining. By utilizing modern cleaning innovations, electric mops avoid these pitfalls. Some of the key advantages include:

  • Easier cleaning experience: Given that electric mops do most of the work for you, it makes for really light work. Since tile is common to just about every room, this is definitely a welcome reprieve.
  • More efficient chores: Even with large floor spaces, electric mops make for quick work. What takes several strokes with a standard mop works in only one or two with electric features. Thanks to the steam and scrubbing synergy, you literally save yourself hours in the long run.
  • Fewer chemical cleaners: Tile doesn’t go well with most cleaners. It corrodes the treated surface and risks permanent stains. Steam features let you use the power of vaporized water to lift grime. With electric mops, you don’t have to choose between discoloration and disinfecting.
  • Safer scrubbing: Electric mops usually use microfiber material for scrubbing. This avoids the risks of scratching your tile during scrubbing. Even with the power of the electric motor, it is still less risky than using a scratchy surface for cleaning.
  • Faster drying time: Since electric mops use less water than their traditional counterparts, it lets your floor dry faster. This prevents the risk of mildew and mold that comes as a result of dampness. You get to avoid spills that are common to mop buckets and preserve your tile for the long haul.
  • A Final Word

    When it comes down to it, using an electric mop to clean tile floors is the logical choice. Save yourself a world of energy and tonnes of time by opting for this modern choice. Now, you get to make the most of your tile floors in every room in your house.

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